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Your Story, Unlimited by Geography -- Based in Atlanta, GA

At Journey Light Creative, we believe in the boundless power of storytelling. Arthur Rasco, our seasoned video producer/creative director and the driving force behind our vision, is not confined by city limits or country borders. While our roots are firmly planted in Atlanta, Georgia, our passion for storytelling knows no bounds. We are here to champion your cause, wherever it may lead us.

Service Areas: Georgia and Beyond

In Georgia:
Atlanta, Marietta, and Alpharetta: At the heart of our operations, we capture the pulse of nonprofits making a difference in the capital city.
Savannah: From its historic streets to its vibrant communities, we tell stories that matter.
Augusta, Macon, and Athens: In these key Georgian cities, we highlight local efforts that drive change.

Nearby Large Cities:
Charlotte, North Carolina: Journey Light Creative ventures into the Queen City, bringing nonprofit narratives to life.
Nashville, Tennessee: Music City comes to life through our lens.
Birmingham, Alabama: We illuminate the stories that resonate in the heart of Alabama.
Worldwide: With a passport and a passion, Arthur Rasco is ready to take Journey Light Creative global, ensuring your story is told, no matter the location.

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Journey Light Creative’s Services

• Immersive Documentaries: Dive deep into the heart of change with our documentaries, where we go beyond the surface to bring you stories that matter. Witness firsthand the impact of nonprofits, the resilience of communities, and the unwavering spirit of change-makers.
• Vivid Event Coverage: Experience the energy and passion of live events as if you were there. Our event coverage captures not just the moments, but the emotion and significance behind them.
• Persuasive Promotional Videos: Discover the art of persuasion through our promotional videos, carefully crafted to inspire action, foster support, and boost donations.
• Educational Brilliance: Learn and engage with our educational content, designed to inform, inspire, and ignite a spark of change.
• Advocacy and Awareness: Stand with us as we raise voices, spark conversations, and drive change through powerful advocacy and awareness campaigns.
Genuine Testimonials: Hear the stories straight from the source. Our testimonials bring authenticity and trust, showcasing the real impact of your work through the voices of those most affected.
Around the World: Explore our global portfolio, where our passion for storytelling transcends borders and connects hearts across continents.

Why Work with Journey Light Creative

Expertise in Nonprofit Narratives

We understand the unique nuances and potent emotions encapsulated in nonprofit stories, ensuring these are reflected in every project.

Bespoke Video Solutions

Our custom video solutions are tailor-made to align with your mission, objectives, and the ethos of your organization, ensuring maximal impact.

A Focus on Results

Beyond storytelling, our content is designed to drive results - enhancing donor engagement, increasing contributions, and elevating involvement.

The Benefits of Professional Video Creation

• Craftsmanship and Quality: With decades of experience, Arthur Rasco brings a level of craftsmanship and quality to every project that DIY videos simply can't match.
• Effective Storytelling:
We don't just film; we narrate. Our videos are carefully crafted to not just showcase your work, but to tell the compelling story behind it.
• Global Reach:
Our willingness to travel means your story can have a global stage, connecting with audiences, donors, and supporters worldwide.
• Increased Engagement and Donations:
Our tagline says it all - "We produce impactful stories with film & video for nonprofits that increase engagement and donations." We've seen it happen, time and time again.

Arthur Rasco Serves Georgia and Beyond

Dedicated to bringing creative and compelling stories to life on screen

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the travel videography process work?
A: Whether we're shooting in Atlanta or on the other side of the globe, the process remains consistent: consultation, planning, shooting, and editing. We work closely with you to ensure the final product reflects your vision, no matter the location.

Q: Can Arthur Rasco travel internationally for a project?
A: Absolutely. Our services aren’t confined by borders. We’re ready and equipped to bring your story to international audiences.

Q: What are the costs associated with travel videography?
A: Costs vary depending on location, length of the shoot, and other factors. We’re committed to transparency and will provide a detailed quote after understanding your specific needs.

Your Cause, Our Camera, Anywhere in the World

Journey Light Creative is more than a videography service; we are storytellers at heart, and we believe in the power of film to transcend borders and connect hearts. With Atlanta as our home and the world as our canvas, we are ready to bring your nonprofit’s story to life, no matter where the journey takes us.

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