Producer and Filmmaker, Arthur Rasco

Journey Light Creative, LLC was started in 2017 by producer and director, Arthur Rasco.

After more than 20 years of serving nonprofits, and filming in more than 35 countries, it was time to transition to helping brands, organizations, artists, and others tell their stories.  

In just a few years, Journey Light Creative has been able to elevate the video and online content needs of several organizations. With experience in producing anything from radio spots and PSAs to feature length movies and documentaries, we look forward to helping you on your projects.

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Video Production for Nonprofits

Arthur Rasco creates and produces videos that tell the story of nonprofits and faith-based organizations. His intention is to spotlight their crucial work in the community. His videos not only tells a story, but moves hearts to get involved and donate.

Our work is produced for the following platforms:

  • Narrative Films
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos
  • PSAs
  • Commercials
  • Social Media Content
  • Advertising and Marketing Campaigns
  • Promotional Videos for your Website or Social Media
  • Fundraising Videos

The Clients We Serve

We partner with local and worldwide partners who are passionate about the following:
Faith-Based Missions: Religious and spiritual organizations engaged in community outreach, humanitarian efforts, and spiritual guidance.
Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief: Organizations dedicated to providing immediate and long-term support in crisis situations across the globe.
Healthcare and Medical Research: Nonprofits working towards medical advancements, providing healthcare services, and conducting groundbreaking research to combat diseases.
Education and Literacy: Initiatives aimed at improving education access, promoting literacy, and empowering communities through knowledge.
Children and Youth Services: Organizations that support the well-being, development, and education of children and young adults, particularly in underserved communities.
Arts and Culture: Institutions that promote and preserve cultural heritage, arts, music, and the enrichment of community life.
Social Justice and Human Rights: Advocates working towards equality, human rights, and social justice in various spheres.
Community Development: Local initiatives focused on strengthening communities through development projects, housing, and local economic growth.
Poverty Alleviation: Programs aimed at reducing poverty through sustainable development, economic empowerment, and direct support to those in need.
Veterans' Affairs: Services and support for military veterans, focusing on health, rehabilitation, and reintegration into civilian life.
Global Peace and Diplomacy: Entities that work towards fostering international relations, peace-building, and conflict resolution.
Food Security and Agriculture: Initiatives focused on ensuring food security, sustainable agriculture practices, and support to farming communities.
Mental Health Awareness and Support: Organizations committed to raising awareness of mental health issues and providing support and resources for mental well-being.
Elderly Care and Support: Providing care, support, and advocacy for the elderly, ensuring their well-being and dignity in later stages of life.

Based in Atlanta, GA, and Will Travel

At Journey Light Creative, we are not confined by city limits or country borders. While we’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, our passion for storytelling takes us around the world. We are here to champion your cause, wherever it may lead us.

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